rock the wold 8!

rtw8 kembali lagi. mengegarkan tanah air. event yg biasanya buat tiap2 tahun, except last year jek tadi. this flyers came out from my fren, gour. thanx gour.^_*
and here a lil bit about rock the world..


"Rock The World Born in 2000, Rock the World has grown into what is the definitive annual Malaysian Music Festival. Sponsored by Panasonic, PanGlobal, Coca-Cola and most recently Celcom, RTW is indeed a Malaysian brand capable of electrifying the teenagers and college kids from all over the country. It is also an effective platform to showcase new artists coming though the ranks. Rock the World is in it’s 7th year and was created out of an idea to ‘have a rock show in a car park’ – 15,000 kids turned out and the rest is history.

Rock The World – What a night! After 8 hours or more of pure energetic performances from local bands, RTW again proves that you don’t need big western stars to get 20,000 people to enjoy a good show."

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aie akaike said...

mari berdansa!!!


hi, how r u, long time no here from u. I guess u r still doin great.

silent said...

thanks for ur visit at my page.
terharu.heaps of love
insyallah klo xde aral melintang akn dtg. coz wat ms nie smua benda akn d cancelkan. smata2 utk rtw tahun ini.
mn xnye tahun lps xde.dorg replace wif battle of da bands.

so, ayuh lah pergi. masih punya ms utk mengumpul duit. gudluck babe. hope nti kte blh jmpe d sn.

n a r d indie winkie said...

to aie: ya..ayuh berdansa..disko dansa..:-p
to virtualwriter: i'm doing fine. hehe.. cume busy sket. lama tak update blog.
to silent: doa2 la supaya diriku dpt kumpul duit dgn cepat. haha.. nak masuk bukan free beb. nak naik bas lagi. uwargh.. really want to go.. c u there. insyaallah