today i felt like so damn emo. i don't know why. maybe, i was too boring to be in this room (in hostel). it feels like i was live alone in this world. nobody i have to talk to (my room mate wasn't here yet). the words just came out from my mouth only when i solat, when i got a call, and also when i say some stupid words about the wireless here. it sucks!

hoh..what's wrong with me. i think i have to get some rest. stop for a while from posting any entry. when i'm okay, then i do my routine job. (posting some entries).. hope it does not take too long.

* have a break, have a kit kat

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goasop said...

selamat berehat. ehe

ab geldofg said...

macm tulah hdup..kadang sronok kdg mbosankan

illy. said...

relax babe, jgn rungsing2 deih.
wat benda yg mengembirakan kita.

oh ya,
kmno blaja d mn?

illy. said...


aie akaike said...

hidup ni kalau tak pernah bosan mmg membosankan.. ;)

en_me said...

jommm merempittt.. ehehe

ARC said...

sometimes the best of us comes out when we are depressed. Express your thoughts about the ongoing issues NOW!!

here I give u several topics that I read from The Star/NST today. Read up and make up ur thoughts.

A tear infant raped by neighbor
Indian national jailed 8 years for human trafficking
HIV screening for Muslim or all?

thats a few. If u dont have the newspaper, go to

Have a blissful day~

n a r d indie winkie said...

to goasop: thanx ijechan..

to ab geldofg: normal life rite?

to illy: baiklah. saya ikut nasihat cik illy. hehe.. bljr di utara. nun disana. di usm..

n a r d indie winkie said...

to aie-akaike: sume org kena melalui perasaan bosan supaya tak membosankan ok.

to en_me: moto takde. nak merempit camne?

to ARC: dude..thanx for the idea. i just heard today's news from the radio. i think i should read.

Liquid said...

cheer up..!! life is too short to be unhappy..!! =)

ARC said...

moto xde..marila kite merempit naik kapal selamm yehaaaa~~

Anonymous said...

mengimbangi perkara duniawi dan akhirat agar kecermelangan dikecapi.

sejajar seperti nas quran (tapi dah x ingat).

pelbagai altenatif untuk mengisi kelapangan dikala kesunyian, alam siber khususnya bisa menguatkan lagi hubungan sel-sel otak. pasaran malaysia menwarwarkan bahawasanya barangan bukan barangan kawalan akan diturunkan harga kerana produk melebihi permintaan. bersama-sama kita menguruskan kewangan dengan teratur kerana dijangka kemelesetan ekonomi negara akan kembali. naik lagi harga duit pinangan... terpaksa tangguhkan lagi pernikahan. huh... (T_T)
~sHAkit RumaH~

salihin said...


am not tryin' to be a nice person,but just wanna let u know,daat u always got us in this virtual world...
to talk about sumtg
to share sumthg,

n probably by doin dat I'Allah,u'll feel relief..

or r u luv to wonder all alone eternally..
this isnt how its really meant to be..or this this is how it really meant to b..

but,sum say,when d luv is in d air..nothing isnt clear..ahaks! probably mite b dat u r in it..??hm?

neway..patient..n always HIM ockay..?

u have a nice day gurll..